Hanover Township News

The Hanover Township Board of Trustees and Administration have been working to address service issue challenges as the result of property devaluations reducing available tax revenue and sever cuts from the State of Ohio in local government funding.  The Township consults with various citizen volunteer participants to seek assistance in seeking public support and working alongside Township officials to keep the high level of service to which residents are accustomed.

The Board of Trustees voted to declare the necessity for an additional tax levy for general operating funds to be placed on the ballot in for November 7, 2017 for voter consideration. The Board will sponsor public forums in the fall to enable residents to ask questions about the levy, proposed use of funds and overall and financial condition of the Township.

Why is Hanover Township seeking an increase in taxes?

Hanover Township was negatively impacted by the recession resulting in property values dropping over time. In addition, the State of Ohio significantly cut funding through the Local Government Fund (Hanover's portion cut by 53%) issued to Townships and eliminated the Estate Tax source of revenue for the public sector. The result has been a loss of revenue estimated to total over $250,000 annually for the last few years. Just to stay even with where the Township was in 2011, a tax increase is necessary. The current operating budget is the lowest since before 2010.

With decreasing revenues and needed equipment replacements as well as required maintenance of facilities, the Township does not have sufficient revenues to keep the same service level to residents. There is no dedicated source of revenue for law enforcement services, park services, local match for grant funding and operation of the Community Center.

Effective Use of Grants for the Township

Hanover Township has been successful over the years year in securing grants through various private and public sources to help the Township "keep growing toward the future". despite limited funds and decreasing revenues, the Township has pursued an aggressive road repair and maintenance program to keep Township roads in as good a shape as possible. Over the last 2.5 years, approximately $386,000.00 combining grants and local funds was spent in on Alamo Heights streets proving curb and gutter repairs, street base repairs and an application of Black Mat paving finished in August 2017.In 2017 Community Development Block Grant Funds of $101,000.00 combined with Township Funds to provide a Black Mat street surface application in the Alamo Heights subdivision. The Township is also working with Butler County to seek funds to remove deteriorating nuisance structures. AS budget constraints allow, as much money as possible will be spent toward keeping the Township safe and attractive.


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