Hanover Township News

The Hanover Township Board of Trustees and Administration have been working to address service issue challenges as the result of property devaluations reducing available tax revenue and sever cuts from the State of Ohio in local government funding.  The Township consults with various citizen volunteer participants to seek assistance in seeking public support and working alongside Township officials to keep the high level of service to which residents are accustomed.

With the passage of a 3.5 mil fire levy in 2016, the Board of Trustees has authorized the hiring of part time medics and EMTs to staff the fire Station on 24/7 per day, 365 day schedule which will enable quicker response to medical emergencies.

Grants for the Township

Hanover Township has been successful over the years year in securing grants through various private and public sources to help the Township "keep growing toward the future". In 2017 Community Development Block Grant Funds of $101,000.00 combined with Township Funds to provide a Black Mat street surface application in the Alamo Heights subdivision. This project follows the $176,000.00 grant in 2015 that was used to replace curb and gutters in the  subdivision. Smaller grants have been received to pay for picnic tables, kiosks, EMS training and fire fighter turn out gear.










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