Streets & Roads


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The Township receives many inquiries regarding the road right of way and its allowable uses. Click here for more information.

Hanover Township maintains 34.5 miles of streets and roads. The mileage seems much greater when removing snow in the subdivisions with cul-de-sacs and dead-end streets, and double that mileage when considering mowing along both sides of the road. Our road and maintenance crew has done a wonderful job with our roads and welcomes your input when problems arise concerning our Township roads.

During the snow season, our crew appreciates residents that refrain from parking on the streets. When we have a heavy snowfall, streets with cars parked on them become very narrow, not only for our plows, but for local residents as well.

Our goal is to maintain safe driving conditions for our residents, school buses and emergency vehicles. In the night time hours, the Township and Butler County Road Departments depend on the Butler County Sheriff’s Office for notification when snowfall or icing conditions begin. We very much appreciate this added service from the Sheriff’s office. We also thank residents for their cooperation and assistance in clearing streets and roads.

Additional services performed by the road and maintenance crew include spraying weeds along the roads, paving roads, inspecting/repairing signs, ditches and drains.

Snow Emergency Policy and Parking Prohibitions (click here for complete information).