Hanover Township finances are coordinated by the Fiscal Officer/Clerk who is legally responsible for ensuring that all records are kept in accordance with provisions of the Ohio Revised Code and directives issued by the State Auditor. Township finances are computerized and are part of the State Uniform Accounting Network. The Fiscal Officer works closely with the Board of Trustees, Township Administrator, County Auditor, County Treasurer, and County Recorder to help maintain the fiscal soundness of the township. Other responsibilities of the Fiscal Officer include working with the Township Administrator in maintaining a recording of proceedings of the Board of Trustees, investments, budgeting and accounting, payroll and employee records, and keeping information about polling locations in the Township.

The overall budget and appropriation has averaged between 3.2 million dollars to almost 4.2 million dollars depending upon the economy and fluctuations associated with certain funds such as property taxes and road related taxes. The annual appropriation covers all the allocations for providing township services. This revenue is derived from inside millage of 2.72 mills approved by the County Budget Commission. The largest fund, the General fund is used to pay for all services except for the Fire Department, for road and bridge issues and cemetery operations. In November 2017 an additional levy of 1.75 mills was approved by the voters. As of January 2021, there are two voted outside millage requested for operations: Fire Levy approved for 3.50 mills and available for renewal every five years. A General Operations Levy was approved in November 2017 for 1.75 mills that helps fund park operations, law enforcement contract and helps to support the roles of the Cemetery, Road Department and related activities.. The largest expense of the General Fund is for providing public safety services (law enforcement, buildings and grounds, and park operations) which represent almost 50% of the expenditures of this fund once all costs are accounted for including insurances.

The Township operates on 8 funding sources, 7 of which are very restricted to only certain types of expenditures. These funding sources include property tax, gasoline tax, license plate fees, cigarette tax, rental fees, State of Ohio Local Government Fund, Cemetery Fees, Road and Bridge tax revenue, Fire/EMS Levy, donations, grants, EMS insurance reimbursements, and motor vehicle permissive tax.

The Township has been extremely successful in receiving grants and support from the federal government, state government, private sources and Butler County totaling over $2.5 million dollars from 1999 through 2021. This additional revenue has enabled the Township to stretch tax dollars and keep taxing rates low, resulting in quality services to residents.

An important reminder for residents when purchasing or renewing your vehicle license:

Please remember when renewing your vehicle’s license to list Hanover Township as your residence/city. This $5.00 tax will go to the jurisdiction you list as your residence/city. Each year, all of us are required to renew our auto license tags. It is very important to list your residence/city as Hanover Township, not Hamilton or Oxford. Though all license fees are the same, if you list Hamilton or Oxford, these cities get our tax money and then the Township must spend your tax dollars to audit the fee lists before sending a request to transfer funds to Columbus to transfer this money back to the Township




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