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Hanover Township Fire Department was established in 1997 in response to the needs of its residents. The department provides Fire, EMS, Rescue, Hazmat and Water Rescue services providing coverage for 36 square miles of territory serving almost 9000 residents on a 24 hour 7 day per week basis. The department consists of part time paid EMS and Firefighter members. Currently there is one main station (181) in the geographic center of the Township located at 1775 Morman Road just south of the intersection of Old Oxford Road (SR 130).

The Department is under the leadership of Phil Clark, Fire Chief and Fred Stitsinger, Deputy Fire Chief who work with the Township Board of Trustees and Administrator to meet the challenges of the future. Fire and EMS runs have increased 40% since 2006. In May 2010 a 12,165 square foot addition was finished allowing all equipment to be housed under one roof and provided a training site for Fire/Ems operations providing for better response. This project was funded locally and will enable the Department to better serve the public for years to come. The station (181) houses Engines 181 and 182, Squads 181, 182, 183, Rescue Unit 181, Tanker Unit 181, Ladder Truck 181. With the state of the art equipment and trained personnel, the Fire Department currently has an Insurance Services Office Rating of “4” which puts the Department in the top 15% of the State of Ohio. Individuals interested in joining the Department may pick up applications at the Fire Station or at 2595 Old Oxford Road.

In 2023 the Department responded to 867 runs and operations and completed numerous Fire Code Inspections of facilities in the Township. With the passage of 3.5 mil levy in 2016, the Department began hiring Emergency Medical Service part time personnel to staff the station around the clock throughout the year improving EMS response times. Average response time for all runs 7.90 minutes.

In addition to Fire and EMS services, the department works with the community in providing Fire Inspections, CPR classes, Fire Prevention Education, holiday presentations, youth instruction, and special topics upon request. The Department also participates in various community events held within the Township to promote safety and community awareness.

We say "thank you" to the residents of Hanover Township for their continued support. We continue to be committed to providing the best possible service to the Township. Residents are welcome to tour the Fire Station by calling 513-863-6652.




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